Left Eye Blind

Left Eye Blind is a collective made of directors and producers, Aurora Fearnley, Jamie Donoughue, and Matt Maude.

Represented by Academy Films, they have offices in both Leeds and London.

Left Eye Blind collective was formed in 2008. The three creatives have vast experience in the creation of high production value projects on low budgets. Woking with local bands on the rise (Rochelle, Mother Vulpine, The Grammatics, Sky Larkin), Left Eye Blind produced eight promos over the course of the next 12 months.

In 2009, the trio began working on commercial projects, pitching via Academy Films as well as writing and shooting their first short film - 'Sanjari'.

Left Eye Blind has recently received the EPIC award for their second short film 'Life on the Line'. Weighted not only on the quality of the script, the award also looks at the potential future success of the project's attached writers, producers and director.

Contact Details:-

Left Eye Blind

Address (Leeds): Left Eye Blind, Studio 81, Kirkstall Road, Leeds, LS3 1LH

Address (London): Left Eye Blind, Academy Films, 16 West Central St, London, WC1A 1JJ

Website: www.lefteyeblind.com

Email: info@lefteyeblind.com